Beard Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 2nd Feb 2020

Beard Oil

A beard can be one of the most defining features of every man. The amount of confidence a little beard can provide is just phenomenal. Almost every person that believes in Viking-like manhood believes in the rejuvenating and strengthening powers of beard oil.

Here is everything that you may need to know about beard oil.

Benefits of Beard Oil

Beard oil is an oil that is used to improve the growth of beard. It helps to condition your beard, prevents beard-druff and makes sure that your beard stays beautiful (or as we say, beardiful). In fact, here are some of the benefits of beard oil that you should definitely know about:

Moisturising effect

Beard oil provides a moisturising effect for your beard so that the beard can grow properly. It is highly considered that hair needs nutrients to survive and beard oil is one of the best ways to provide all the nutrients your beard needs. Applying beard oil daily will help to moisturise and condition even the most brittle and driest of beards.

Help with dryness

Beard oil can also help with dryness, beard-druff, and flaking that can occur due to a lack of natural oils on the skin or certain skin problems. By applying beard oil, you are thoroughly cleansing out any unwanted particles in the hair follicles, and ensuring that your face stays thoroughly cleaned.

Fix patchy beard

Some people suffer from patchiness in their beards. Applying beard oil regularly can help fix patchy beards by making sure that the skin beneath your beard is in the best condition at all times. Patchiness can be caused by stress and poor nutrition. Our beard oil, from Bright & Beardiful, can help fix that patchy beard of yours in no time by stimulating growth and promoting a strong and healthy beard. Our beard oil is hand-made, organic and vegan friendly. There are no artificial ingredients and it is fully natural. What's not to love?

Side Effects

There can be side effects to beard oil that might be observed in people who are suffering from certain skin conditions. If you suffer with any skin conditions you should consult your Pharmacist or Doctor before applying beard oil. Rest assured though as Bright & Beardiful's beard oil contains all natural ingredients we are sure you will not experience any side effects, commercially made beard oils may contain artificial preservatives which may cause distress. Here are some of the side effects that some commercially made beard oils might have on you:

Allergic reactions

Some people who are allergic to any ingredients used may suffer from allergic reactions, it is always best to patch test and discontinue use if any allergic reaction occurs. 

Suppress Growth

Whilst Bright & Beardiful's beard oil allows for cleansing the follicles’ buds so that hair growth is encouraged, some commercially produced beard oils can suppress growth for beards. This may be in certain cases, where either the beard oil contains artificial ingredients or the beard oil does not suit your skin.

These are the most important benefits & side effects that you should know about beard oil. Keep following us to learn more and keep yourself updated with the latest quality beard care products. 

For those looking for all the benefits of beard oil with the added aspect of styling, try our beard balm.