Is Beard Oil Good for My Skin?

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 9th Feb 2020

Is Beard Oil Good For My Skin?

A beard is one of the most beautiful accessories a man can ever wear. Yes, every man may be able to grow a beard, but not many are able to grow a naturally beautiful beard. Some people use beard oil to improve their growth. We have heard people recommend against using beard oil and say that beard oil can damage your skin.

Do not fret, we have done our research, and we wish to share this knowledge with you.

Factors to consider

Everyone has a different skin type and no two skins are ever the same. Our skin is unique to us. Some people posses naturally oily skin, whilst other people have well-balanced skin. Many people suffer with dry skin, whilst there are many that have a combination of dry and oily skin.
Here are some of the factors to consider before we find out if beard oil is bad for your skin:

Is your skin oily?

If your skin is oily you will benefit from beard oil. Beard oil contains several important oils that are beneficial for oily skin. If you are suffering from acne-related issues, especially if you are a teenager, applying beard oil may help reduce acne whilst also helping you to grow a healthy beard. Bright and Beardiful's beard oil contains Jojoba oil which is very similar to the oil secreted by our skin, this makes it incredibly easy for the skin to absorb, ensuring that our beard oil leaves behind no greasy residue. 

Is your skin dry?

Some ingredients in beard oil, mainly Jojoba oil, can help soften the skin and help moisturise dry skin. Be sure to look for vegan beard oils like our special beard oil, that is full of vitamins. Vitamin E acts as a great antioxidant for your skin so that it can shine and breathe once more.
However, if you are going for chemical-infused beard oils, be sure to check if there are elements in the oil that might dry out your skin further. Bright and Beardiful's beard oil contains only natural ingredients which are organic and vegan friendly, rest assured there are no artificial chemicals in our beard products. 

Do you have a skin condition? 

Compile a full list of items that you might get a reaction from or that you know you are allergic to. Afterwards, compare that list with the ingredients of that beard oil. If there is even one matching element inside the beard oil, that beard oil is definitely not going to be good for your skin. Bright and Beardiful's beard oil contains sweet almond oil, so may not be suitable for people with nut allergies.

Is the beard oil too complex?

Some complex beard oils may contain oxidised essential oils which may not be good for your skin. If you suffer from oily skin oxidised essential oil is definitely something to steer clear of. Research states that oxidised essential oils can cause chemical reactions in the body that can mimic allergies.
Stay away from chemical-based beard oil and beard products and start using an organic and vegan-friendly beard oil. A great example is Bright & Beardiful’s beard oil, it contains only natural ingredients and is handmade with love and care to ensure it is gentle on your skin. 


If you sum up all these factors, you can make a conclusion if beard oil is bad for your skin or not. If you buy natural beard oil, and your skin is not allergic to any of the ingredients in the oil, then beard oil should be beneficial for your skin. You should definitely try beard oil and explore the benefits for yourself, we are sure you wont be disappointed.