Patchy Beard Solution Tips to Fix a Patchy Beard

Posted by Bright & Beardiful on 9th Feb 2020

How Beard Oil can Help to Fix a Patchy Beard

We know that not everyone is lucky enough to be blessed with a full and thick beard. Sometimes people have bald patches in their beards, which can mostly be due to genetics, stress or nutrition.

Lucky for you, for we have dug up some great tips to help fix a patchy beard and get your self-confidence back!

Without further ado, let us begin:

Trimming helps

Trimming your beard hair is recommended by almost every person who has a little knowledge related to beards. Not only does trimming help your beard look more attractive, but it also allows the skin beneath your beard to breathe. Some of the time, when your face is not able to grow a full beard, it is because it isn’t receiving enough moisture or sunlight. Trimming your beard will certainly help with this!

Massaging your beard

Massaging your beard is a really great way to help fix a patchy beard because even your beard needs some love. Massaging your beard can help to stimulate the hair follicles and encourage circulation to the skin beneath your beard. This will promote growth in even the most stubborn of patches.

Just massaging your beard is sometimes not enough, and you might want to try using beard oil alongside this.

Beard oil will help to hydrate the hair and skin beneath, it can help to prevent beard druff. You can also use a beard balm which has all the same properties as a beard oil but with the added benefit of styling and taming any unruly hairs. Bright and Beardiful's beard oil and beard balm is all natural, organic and vegan friendly, it contains no artificial preservatives or chemicals like big brands and they are handmade with care. Beard oil and beard balm may also help to promote new growth by stimulating and cleansing hair follicles.

Check for allergies

Sometimes your skin can be allergic to something in the air or in your close proximity resulting in your beard not growing at all. In many cases, irritated and flaky skin caused by reactions can cause beards to stop growing properly. To deal with flaky skin, many enthusiasts use beard oil that is full of Jojoba oil to hydrate and moisturize by replicating the skins natural oils.

Otherwise, in other cases, having a very oily face can also cause a patchy beard to become prevalent. Organic oils, just like our Bright & Beardiful’s vegan-friendly hand-made beard oil, contain a lot of essential oils. Essential oils help tackle conditions where oily skin is a problem.

Fix your diet

A patchy beard can also be a sign that your diet needs some TLC. Eating a healthier and balanced diet, adding protein into your diet, and making sure you get your 5-A-Day can all help with this. A good night’s sleep can work wonders for both your skin and your hair too.

Clean your pores

At times your face’s pores can become blocked by dirt and expose to the elements in the air can cause a build up of dirt, grease and residue. This can cause the face to lose it's shine, and for hair to stop growing altogether. Sometimes, blocked pores can also cause permanent damage.

To clean your pores, it is recommended to wash your beard at least every week, or on a much more regular basis – depending on your routine.


There are a lot of ways to fix your patchy beard. We would definitely recommend that you follow these tips, and if these don’t work, visit your dermatologist or a local hair specialist. They will have more personalised tips.